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How to charge for glass restoration work
  Here are a few of the recommended methods for billing glass restoration work.

  Bill by the Hour
  • Companies which bill by the hour generally have there pricing set between $60.00 to $100.00 per hour depending what the market will allow.
  • This structure works well in situations were you go into a new home to fix windows that had been specified for repair by the builder, and the homeowner has found an additional three windows that require some work also. If you are billing by the hour you just add the extra time on the bill versus calling the builder to get approval to fix the additional windows.
  • One of the problems of billing by the hour is that the customer in some cases will think that you are charging too much. If you are billing according to replacement costs, and pointing out how much money they will save by having the scratch removal done, most customers will come around. It is all in their perception.

  Bill by the Job
  • This is the preferred method of billing.
  • Scratch Removal is a specialized service, so you are able to set your pricing. As long as you are saving the customer money on replacement cost they will generally have no problem.
  • Most companies are charging anywhere from a 1/4 to 1/2 of the replacement cost. You have not only saved the customer money but valuable time.
  • Repairs in the new construction sector get anywhere from $75 to $200 (this would generally be repair work on 1 to 2 windows.)
  • Most windshield scratch repairs will get $50 to $90 a repair.
  • One of the Novus franchisees in Pennsylvania does on average 7 to 8 scratch repairs a month (windshields) at a cost of $80 a repair. His only means of advertising is the yellow pages. The population of the city is approx. 27,000.